Stansberry Research Reviews 2022: Is it Good For You?, home of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, is a famous website (perhaps infamous) which is filled with independent writers publishing their own newsletters. Stansberry research has worked towards trying to cultivate the image of an investment company, it isn’t much more than an umbrella website that just channels online traffic to a website and sells subscriptions for a variety of people who use them for publishing purposes. Let’s find out more about Stansberry Research through this post.

Stansberry Research: All You Need to Know

Porter Stansberry, who runs Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, is infamous for being anti-Government. He has also released several viral videos on inflammatory topics such as “the End of America”. Sensationalized content like this has helped him go viral and brought a lot of interest and clients to Stansberry research.  

Why did the SEC sue Stansberry Research?

While working for Agora Financial, another financial newsletter publishing company, Stansberry and Pirate Investment were successfully sued by the SEC for defrauding subscribers of a newsletter Stansberry wrote under the name ‘Jay McDaniel.

The judge found Stansberry guilty of intentionally defrauding his clients by falsely claiming to have the ‘inside track’ on government deals and charging his clients $1,000 each for access to this ‘inside’ information. In addition, Stansberry used the rising price of the stock he was promoting as proof of his knowledge and reliability to convince further clients to purchase the stock. Since the stock price was only rising due to the purchases of his earlier clients, who were purchasing based on the fraudulent information given to them, Stansberry was additionally found guilty of price manipulation. Stansberry appealed the court’s decision in 2001 but the guilty verdict was upheld. A further effort to appeal the ruling was denied. 

What did Porter Stransberry say about his conviction?

Stansberry likes to point to his conviction as “persecution by the federal government” who are denying him his First Amendment rights to free speech in order to stop him from revealing the evil truth about America. It’s an interesting theory, but if you glance over the SEC’s case against Stansberry, the federal government received no injury from Stansberry’s actions. Rather, the people who were hurt were the clients who paid a subscription to his newsletter and then had their money taken by Stansberry and Pirate Investment. A handful of subscribers to Stansberry & Associates Investment Research do say good things about one or two of the newsletters published there, but in general you would be better off looking elsewhere for investment advice. Knowingly putting your trust in a company run by a man who has already been convicted of fraud, who is known to write newsletters under false names, and has already been found guilty of stock price manipulation just doesn’t seem the smartest thing to do with your money.

Who owns Stansberry Research?

It is owned by Frank Porter Stransberry. The University of Florida graduate founded Stansberry & Associates Investment Research in Baltimore, Maryland in 1999. Frank Porter Stransberry still works at the company, which has now been renamed Stansberry Research, and according to his LinkedIn page, he’s also the host of Stansberry Radio, “a weekly broadcast that has quickly become one of the most popular online financial radio shows.”

Is the Stansberry Report worth it?

The newsletter is cheap enough to purchase annually and should be a no-brainer in terms of cost. If you do get only one investing nugget annually from the newsletter, it’s well worth the subscription.

Is Stansberry Research legit?

Though Stansberry Research works hard to seem like an investment company, the reality is that they are simply an umbrella website that draws internet traffic to a single site and then sells subscriptions for a variety of people who use them for publishing purposes.

How do I cancel Stansberry Research?

You can cancel your subscription by calling the Customer Service Department at 888-261-2693 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ET or by any other designated cancellation method. You may not cancel a subscription by any other means.

Stansberry Research Review: What do the people have to say?

The reviews for Stansberry research have been overwhelmingly negative. Here are some of the most brutal reviews for Stansberry research that we found online:

There is some decent content but it’s a hard search and you’re locked in with automatic renewal which impossible, as far as I can make out, the unsubscribe button doesn’t work and the phone number constantly busy. Not good. Avoid like the plague.

These people are low-life crooks… plain and simple. And when they renew your subscription without even telling you, they refuse to refund your money under their “Strict cancellation policy”. Financial sector maggots.

Some of the publications used to be good, but no more. Now they fill my email box with content that traffics Trump rhetoric and conspiracy theories about how Democrats are socialists. Once you go down the political polarization route, you are going to be blind to facts, as they now are.

They also make it hard to cancel. You have to call them to cancel and hope for the best.

I paid for two subscriptions that I never got. I sent two reminders but except for promises I got nothing. SCAM, WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I was interested in cryptocurrencies and they sent me mail about racing horses.

Those of you who fell for this drivel need to a much keener web scam radar! If you cant tell within the first seven second of these Stansberry videos that they are a joke, then you shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. Get your kids to come take a look. I bet they know good ol American hucksterism when they see it!

This is NOTHING but a MARKETING GROUP trying to sell you additional “so called advice” every day of the week through wordy, long winded videos. They must do it in house with additional idiots besides Stansberry, because no legitimate firm would produce this drivel. If you have money to waste they’ll take it from you. Investment advice? Some, but marketing to take your last dollar comes first to them, and if you subscribed to several investment letters, you’ll be bombarded with the identical crap from each one for many days on end. STAY AWAY!!

These people are interested in nothing but selling more to you once they get your hands on you. I subscribed to their newsletter thinking it would be useful investing advice and then received countless emails with “teaser copy” about the end of the world as we know it…find out for $50 in our special report. If you click on the links they provide, you are subjected to a repetitive tyrade of a man reading a script about some “valuable piece of information you can’t miss out on,” which is never actually revealed until the pitch is made…for you to pay $50 for a premium report. Luckily, my credit card expired on which they auto-billed renewals, but I continue to receive their ridiculous newsletters. They are such scamsters that the only way to “unsubscribe” other than calling them is to use a link at the bottom of the email: it is a dead link, and purposefully so. There is no way to terminate your account with them online.

However, there were some favourable reviews as well. Such as these:

I upgraded to their highest level subscription because I made so much money over the last year with Doc Eifrig’s picks. My husband and me get a kick out of it and it makes us better investors.

I have been a subscriber for almost 2 years. I also purchased the lifetime package. So far, I am very happy with the results. Especially Jeff Clark’s options advice. Granted they do send a lot of emails. But what service you subscribe to doesn’t? Wade thru it and stop whining. One must actually take responsibility and research the authors of the different letters and then decide. PS does not write all of them you know. Yes, they do publish their results. Anyhow, I too must wonder what all of the haters are about. My guess is that they are haters all the way around. Do your own research and make your own decisions about it. Ignore the haters.

As an investment advisor who manages money for others for a living, I can tell you firsthand that the newsletters produced by Stansberry and Associates are anything but a fraud. I currently subscribe to three of them (12% Letter, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, and Retirement Millionaire) just to get different perspectives on what’s happening in our messed up world, and I learn A LOT from these letters. Each of them cost me $39 – a meal at a decent restaurant – and they have provided much more value than what I paid. My favorite is the 12% Letter, written by Dan Ferris.

Stansberry Research Review: Conclusion

Stansberry Research has a wide range of investment newsletters that it sends out regularly. As the reviews discussed above show, the validity of every single newsletter can’t be confirmed. However, Stansberry Research does offer some legitimate investment advisory. You must remember that any form of investment tip won’t make you a millionaire overnight. Wealth takes time to grow and one newsletter isn’t going to make you obscenely wealthy at the drop of a hat. Take what you can from Stansberry Research, just don’t forget to add a grain of salt with it.

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