What Flat Renters Should Look for Before Selecting the Building Floor?

Are you planning to move to Bahrain or finding a ready-to-move-in flat in the country? Bahrain has an abundance of affordable residential properties and accommodations, which makes it one of the most preferred nations for international travellers. Moreover, Bahrain has many localities with a wide range of infrastructure, amenities and friendly neighbourhoods that you can look for before renting an apartment for yourself.

Whilst you search for flats for rent in Bahrain, you should look for the building floor that can suit your lifestyle. There is no harm in calculating escalating costs when looking at ready-to-move-in properties, even if different floors have different costs. Before selecting a flat for yourself, consider the advantages and disadvantages of different floors in a building and choose astutely.

Ground floor or bottom floor


Living on the ground or bottom floor of an apartment has unique advantages besides a few disadvantages. Ground floor means you need not wait for elevators or climb up multiple stairs when there is a power failure. The bottom floor may also come with a mini outdoor space such as a patio or a yard where you can get fresh air or sit and relax.

Ground floors are easily accessible as compared to other building floors. This is most preferred by people with small kids, pets or elderly family members who avoid climbing through stairs. Cost-wise, bottom floors are usually less expensive in big complexes. They can be found easily as they remain vacant most of the time in high rise apartments. Moreover, during an emergency evacuation situation, you will be the first one to step out of your house.


Like other building floors, the bottom or ground floor comes with a few disadvantages as well. One of the most remarkable drawbacks is the lack of views from the apartment. If you crave to view the city from the top, you cannot have them on the ground floor. And when you are renting a flat in a city like Bahrain, you will always seek to look for higher floors from where you can encounter the vibrant streets in the nearby regions.

There are also noise issues on the ground floor, such as car parking noise and pets barking or meowing on the street. And if your apartment is in a complex with a poolside, get ready for party noise all around the year. Although you can evacuate swiftly during an emergency situation, you will be prone to easy break-ins as well.

Middle Floor Apartments


Middle floors offer the best advantages as compared to the other building floors. The view offered on the middle floors is satisfactory than ground floors. There aren’t many stairs too to climb up during a power failure or long waits for elevators. Additionally, middle floors experience lower utility bills and seasonal bills as compared to top floors, which get hotter during summers and colder during winters.


Like the ground floor, noise can be an issue on middle floors as well. Many tenants, therefore, prefer renting on higher floors to avoid noise coming from the parking lot or ground parties.

Top Floor Apartments


Having an apartment on the top floor is a huge benefit, but there are some drawbacks as well. A top-floor apartment provides the best views of the neighbouring areas. In a top-floor apartment, there’s also no one above you to make noise. The sound coming through the floor is likely to be barely audible, making the apartment comparatively quiet. During the winter, top-floor apartments are also warmer. As the temperature rises, you reap the benefits of a lower average energy bill.


During summer, Bahrain remains hot, making lowering the temperature on top-floor apartments difficult. Your air conditioning bill could skyrocket as a result of this. When you live on the top floor, you also have to deal with elevator lines and stairwells. From the top floor, having to lug a bike, grocery shopping, and carrying luggage up and down can be a pain.

When it comes to choosing the best apartment floor, safety is also a consideration. During an emergency, you’ll have the longest evacuation because there’s no fast down to the ground floor. Aside from emergencies, it’s also more difficult to get downstairs quickly for takeout, delivery, or to greet visitors.

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